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X What experiences are
you inventing?

Connected applications are creating new business opportunities and reinventing the customer experience.


Innovate Constantly

And it's not just mobile, desktop, or web applications that together compose the customer experience. As connected devices proliferate and we continue to look to the Internet for more of our communication, entertainment, and commercial experiences, applications will serve as the primary point of contact and largest new business opportunity for many brands both big and small.

To capture the opportunities presented by connected applications, we help our clients identify the strategies and business models that fuel innovation, then rapidly develop the concepts and prototypes that substantiate them, and execute the plan for bringing them to market.

Our SWAT team of business, technology, and creative experts live and practice on the event horizon of this new software-defined world. They bring the knowledge, experience, and collaborative approach that can help you prepare for your future...on the other side of an interface.

Marriott: Sales Companion
Product Ideation, Design,
and Development:

We have helped our clients identify new business models, design engaging experiences, and develop breakthrough web and mobile applications in all types of connected contexts, from smartphones and laptops, to tablets and televisions.

We can help you with:
  • Product Ideation & Business Model Definition
  • Product User Experience Design
  • Product Architecture & Engineering

Case Example:

Marriott Sales Companion case example available upon request.

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X What is the structure
of your story?

Anybody can tell a story, but few can tell a story that is clearly focused and consistently relevant to your customers.



That's because storytelling takes more than creativity. It takes a clear vision, which means carefully defining a strategy that's driven by the needs of your customers and not the features of your product. Then it takes rigorous discipline and commitment to a structure that ensures you are clearly articulating that vision.

The right story identifies directly with your customer - the needs that they have and the challenges that they face in meeting those needs - and uniquely positions your solution in their mind. It gives them an ideal - your big idea - to aspire to, and it connects that ideal directly to the fundamental value that you are clearly positioned to provide.

To help you shape and hone the right story, we have designed and proven a methodology that takes into account what's happening in your customers' world and clearly positions your strategy as the answer to their challenges. Our strategy definition and storytelling experience ensure that you create a relatable, engaging narrative that leaves your audience with a clear vision and compels them to action.

Alcatel-Lucent: Services 2012 Video
Marketing Strategy, Positioning
and Messaging

We have worked with some of the world's top brands to help them think more clearly about their strategy by making it more relevant to the customer experience and crafting a story that transcends their competition.

We can help you with:
  • Market Research & Vision Definition
  • Story Crafting & Validation Research
  • PStory Design & Creatuve Execution

Case Example:

Alcatel-Lucent Services case example available upon request.

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X Are you engaging on
every screen?

Today, marketing means technology because your customers are engaging in more activities across more connected contexts.



To execute relevant marketing programs in this landscape you need to own the intersection between “what's possible” and “what's relevant.” That often means partnering with innovators, futurists, visionaries, creators; folks who know what's broadly relevant and how to narrowly apply it to your brand.

To engage with your audience in the way they want you to, we bring more than a decade of expertise in cross platform corporate website and mobile application design, real-time event technology, and video production optimized for all device formats. We help you design, execute, measure, and then mature marketing programs...on every screen.

Yankee Group: Monitor & Forecasts Online
Multi-Screen Digital Marketing:

We have helped our clients execute new digital marketing strategies across their organizations, beginning with their corporate web presence and working across web, mobile and social media campaigns and applications.

We can help you with:
  • Corporate Web Presence & Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Interactive Campaign Design & Multimedia Execution
  • Mobile Application Design & Development

Case Example:

Yankee Group Data Online case example available upon request.

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