digital transformation

Leading Through Disruption: Finding your Bearings
The only vision worth possessing is one that embraces disruption as the singular path to sustainable growth.
A Third Way to Transformation: The True Digital Agency
The path to accelerating transformation lies neither with traditional agencies, nor consultants and systems integrators.
A Reckoning Amidst the Chaos, Part 3: Agile with Accountability
We need to reevaluate how we build teams and how we deliver within entrenched agile processes that output mediocrity.
A Reckoning Amidst the Chaos, Part 2: Double-Down on Digital
Digital isn't a bolt-on set of capabilities, it's the core of your offering.
A Reckoning Amidst the Chaos, Part I: Run Lean
The current emergency has exposed weaknesses in how companies approach digital, which is often over-resourced, political, and badly planned.
AI and Marketing: Artificial Claims of Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence is difficult to define and even more difficult to build. You'd never know it from reading the news, though....
Agile: A Square Peg in Circular World
“[You] insist upon forcing a square peg into a round hole, because in a round hole you, being a round peg, feel tight and comfortable....
Why Your Ad Won’t Save You: The Digital CMO as Curator of the Customer Experience
The CMO who only delivers traditional marketing tactics wrapped in better analytics is losing relevancy.
Crossing the Ocean of Digital Transformation Means Losing Sight of the Shore
The usual big plans and big vendors mean big delays and big expenses for the content management initiatives of today’s big...