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Maark at the Movies

Yesterday, we had a Maark outing. We rented out a local theater, ordered up some catering from Red Bones in Somerville, and then sat back for a double feature.

It started with a presentation by our CEO on some of the exciting future developments for Maark, which we’ll be talking about here on the blog soon, and then we settled back for the second show, a new documentary called Side by Side.

Directed by Christopher Kenneally, Side by Side investigates the current melee that is happening in the movie industry with the inevitable shift from the entrenched, century-old use of physical film and the changing-every-week invasion of digital technology.

If you’re into movies, it’s a pretty awesome doc, since it involves Keanu Reeves using his star power and close industry relationships to secure candid interviews with an amazing array of directors—Scorsese, Cameron, Lucas, Nolan, the Wachowkis, Lynch, Soderbergh, Schumacher, Rodriguez, Fincher—in addition to interviews with people whose job titles you usually only see in the credits: cinematographers, editors, cameramen, color correctionists, and camera designers.

And while it’s fascinating to watch knowledgeable insiders debate the merits and detriments of film and digital from both an artistic and business point of view, the documentary has much larger implications.

What’s happening there with movies is a microcosm of the drastic change happening within every single industry on the planet, as every product, service, and endeavor becomes a software one and where digital innovations occur fast and furiously. That frontier is where Maark is gunslinging every day, and it’s an exciting, terrifying shift, one where the businesses that don’t find their places in this software-ruled world will eventually be relegated to irrelevancy.