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Agency on Record, the podcast from Maark, just hit the eleventh episode of our weekly podcast. That might not seem like a lot, but it’s a milestone for us. That’s because the beginning episodes were a trial run to see if we could do this podcast thing for real. Could we find the time? Could we come up with enough topics? Would anybody listen? Would Mike and I rip each other’s faces off? Would we even really like doing it?

And since the answers to all those questions is a resounding “yes” followed by a resounding “ish,” we’ve leveled up the podcast.

You’ll notice starting at Episode 9 a much, much higher sound quality. We’ve moved the studio from the Maark basement to its own dedicated room and invested in higher-end sound gear.

That’s right. Invested. We’re in this thing for a run.

In our first 11 episodes, we’ve tackled everything from GDPR (“Data Privacy: Secrets Never Stay Secret”) to UX engineering (“The UX Engineer as Unicorn”) to business storytelling (“Marketers vs. Storytellers”). We’ve welcomed on colleagues here at Maark to join the conversation when it touched their area of expertise. Our content seems to range, but that reflects the nature of digital agency life and work.

Soon, we’ll be experimenting with other features for the podcast, including an industry news segment and interviews with guests outside of Maark. It’s actually been a lot of fun figuring this whole thing out.

Some come on by. Give us a listen if you haven’t. Give us a second chance if you have. Want to know more about Maark first? Check out the most recent episode.

And keep checking back, as this is a weekly podcast that shows no sign of slowing. And that’s because it can’t. We have to in order to get our investment back on all the equipment we bought.

Oh, and if you dig it enough, throw us some stars or a review on iTunes. You listen to podcasts. You know how that goes.

Here”s the issue: We can find 127,453,000 awesome podcasts about the most obscure of our hobbies. 373,435,000 great podcasts on current events that keep us informed. 6,734,000 strong entertainment podcasts to dull the pain. But we can”t find a single solid podcast about what we do every single day for a living at a digital agency. So we decided to make one.

What would that podcast be about? Creativity? Certainly. We have to invent and execute ideas every day. Technology? Definitely. Ain”t no getting around that. Marketing? Of course. We live in a commercial world.

So we wanted a podcast that discusses creativity, technology, and marketing in a real, unvarnished way. A human way.

We”re calling it Agency on Record, and the first episode is live right now. It”s low key. A couple of guys with a mic in a basement studio in Boston, but let me tell you about those guys.

Michael Colombo is the CEO of Maark. Jason Ocker is the VP of creative strategy at Maark. They”ve been friends for a quarter of a century, and in the industry for decades. And they”ve got a lot of baggage. They”ve seen a lot. They talk about it all a lot. So somebody stuck a mic between them.

Ideally, Agency on Record comes off like every conversation we have around the office here at Maark or at The Tavern at The End of the World down the street. It”s honest, it”s raw, and it wrestles with its topics as opposed to declaiming on them. The first few episodes deal with storytelling in marketing, mixed reality, digital transformation, boutique agencies, corporate decision-making, social media. Topics that are extremely relevant to anybody trying to tell a story or create collaboratively or impact a business or deal with the technology that inevitably underlies and transforms all of that.

So give it a listen. Visit to find links to your favorite podcasting services. Send us some feedback at And, most importantly, stick with us while we find our podcast legs. And better mics. And a sound engineer. Some of those sound-absorbing panels you hang on the wall. A marketing plan.

Wait…why are we going live today?