PAREXEL Informatics

Directing the Story of Life-Changing Data

Creating a suite of videos to explain a technological solution for a complex, highly specialized industry.

PAREXEL Informatics develops integrated platforms and applications designed to simplify and improve how biopharmaceutical companies control, track, and share data for clinical trials. It brought Maark in to write, direct, and produce a series of videos that explain its vision and its individual solutions.

We worked across product and executive teams to define the value of the technologies and to brainstorm video concepts.

We wrote the script and designed the story for the final video concept.

We created a unique visual language that could be used across all PAREXEL Informatics videos.

Organized and directed the onsite interviews for key executive stakeholders to include in the videos.

We combined animation and live footage into a seamless, branded video experience.

We then expanded the brand and video style into a series of animated videos that highlighted the benefits of individual software products.

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