Talking Trash in a Screen-to-Screen World

Proving the experience and business value of a new web technology.

In the near future, communications will be seamless, immersive, and they will happen from any device over the web. The technology that enables this experience, WebRTC, is finding its way into the world’s most popular web browsers and mobile devices. Maark developed, in partnership with Intel, a proof-of-concept application that demonstrated the potential of this next-generation communications technology, and gave sports fans everywhere no excuse for keeping quiet on game day.

We created the concept for a new application that brought to bare all of the potential of WebRTC technologies in a single application.

We developed a business model focused on capitalizing on the rabid and spendthrifty fantasy sports audience.

We designed a responsive web experience that would allow users to follow the conversation from any WebRTC-enabled device.

We developed an application platform for bringing together real-time communications features with real-time game-day team and fantasy sports statistics.

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