Every Sales Person Needs a Wingman

Selling the potential of a Marriott meeting space no matter where the client is located.

In order to improve sales in one of their most financially critical businesses, Meetings & Events, Marriott needed to figure out the best way to sell the uniqueness of its properties and the promise of a successful event at any one of them long before the event happened. Marriott came to Maark to design and develop a sales tool that would change the way both on-property and remote sales teams sold across their many brands, geographies, and unique experiences. We gave them the Sales Companion.

We ideated, designed, and engineered a solution that brought the distinct value and voice of each Marriott brand into a set of compelling cross-platform, multi-lingual applications.

We created sales-ready “default” content for each property, while also allowing users to easily create custom property tours with an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface.

We connected parties from around the world with a first-of-its-kind, iPad-to-Web live sharing feature, allowing for many more selling opportunities.

We integrated with multiple enterprise systems to allow for single sign-on, and seamless enterprise content management of photography, video, and rich media assets.

Enhanced the “on-property” site tour experience by allowing Marriott associates to navigate clients through the iPad tours on-site using their iPhone as a remote control and note-taking device.

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