We’re not much for conspiracy theories here on the Maark blog…or celebrity news, but I couldn’t pass this one up.

Saturday night, the weird, mesmerizing, and 55-year-old Prince put on a four-hour show to a relatively intimate audience in Hollywood. All the reports seem to emphasize his cell phone ban, for some reason, mentioning the signs everywhere forbidding the devices and even quoting him as “singing” from the stage: “You can’t get down with technology in your hand.”

What a great, hilarious phrase. I need it on a T-shirt. I need to write a book with it as the title. I need to meme it.

Of course, the irony is he shouted the phrase into a microphone in one hand while holding an electric guitar in the other.

Regardless, I smell a plot.

Who would benefit from making smart phones uncool? Besides payphone booth manufacturers. All the wearable technology companies. That’s right. You can’t get down with technology in your hand, but you could possibly do so with it on your wrist or across your face or embedded in your clothes or skin.

If they can start getting the purveyors of cool to discount the smartphone (which, honestly, a lot of us love-loathe anyway), maybe they can create that space they need to fill with a bevy of new products. The only hole in the theory is whether Prince brings in the young audience they need to receive the message, but he could just be a small feint in a larger strategy.

Alternatively, it could just be that Prince is 55 years old. He’s got a “my day” that he was “back in.”

Photo Credit: Edward Beavers