Talk to the Wrist

You can have your smart cars, your tablet computers, your Google glasses. All I’ve ever wanted was a smartwatch. Reading this latest Apple rumor yesterday rekindled that desire for me. Sure, it already exists in various primitive forms, from the Kickstarted Pebble to Sony’s already-on-the-market version, but it’s still not quite there as far as form, functionality, and accessibility.

The smartwatch concept seems like it would be a no-brainer. Ever since mankind evolved wrists we’ve wrapped something around it, bracelets, medical information, event passes, clocks, calculators, handcuffs. It’s an extremely logical place for tech adornment.

And to have it mirror your smartphone (as long as it completely mirrors your smartphone) is brilliant. I hate having to awkwardly slip my phone out of my pants pockets every time I use it (which is a lot…I’m rubbing permanent grooves in my jeans), and God forbid I have to do it in a sitting position…it’s the main reason we always throw our smartphones on the table when we go out to eat.

Actually, I hate having to carry around so much in my pockets in general, keys, wallet, smartphones. It’s really uncomfortable and looks horrible. So ideally, the watch would take the place of the smartphone completely (or we establish either the man bag or the bandoleer as socially acceptable accessories). Only then will passing alien species say, “Hey, man. Stop here. They wear computers on their wrists. These blokes seem pretty cool.”