Man, we are terrified of drones. They shoot at people from above, peek into our private lives, crash into things. But with the proliferation of affordable tech and major companies like Amazon trying to bring them online, it seems inevitable that our skies will darken with them. Honestly, I’ve always found the consumer uses a bit boring. I mean, how many impersonal altitude shots do I need in my life?

Then I saw the Lily Camera.

They don’t market it as a drone, but as a flying camera. Like your personal camera, just aloft. It’s not meant for you to surveil the scene, but to take advantage of recording your life.

Imagine you could just chuck your smartphone into the air when you want a photo or a video.

Of course it’s big (although smaller than many drones), and it has the Google Glass problem of jutting into everyone’s personal space (Uh, is your drone filming me?). And it’s not on the market yet. So all kinds of problems.

But the idea is sound. I mean, an autonomous camera assistant? That’s a step in the direction of what we all really want: an autonomous assistant…period.