So if things go the software industry’s way, one day everything on the planet will be a computer…or at least have a computer built into…clothes, appliances, furniture, houses (that’s everything in the world, right?).

And that means a lot of places where touchscreens and peripherals are unuseable as a way to interact with those computers, not to mention screens for output.

According to this article in Quartz, Google is already getting ready for a world without screens:

Google is already moving rapidly to enable voice commands in all of its products. On mobile phones, Google Now for Android and Google’s search app on the iPhone allow users to search the web via voice, or carry out other basic functions like sending emails. Similarly, Google Glass would be almost unusable without voice interaction. At Google’s conference for developers, it unveiled voice control for its Chrome web browser. And Motorola’s new Moto X phone has a specialized microchip that allows the phone to listen at all times, even when it’s asleep, for the magic word that begins every voice conversation with a Google product.

It’s a vision of our robot future that makes complete sense. Plus Star Trek foretold it, so it’s our destiny.

Photo credit: William Hook, Flickr