Oh geez. Look what we can do now. And by we, I mean a group of researchers from Tel Aviv University and by now, I mean “still in the prototype phase.”

And while that’s usually enough of a caveat to ignore whatever’s being talked about, what these researchers are doing really fires the imagination in the near-term.

Basically, these researchers have created a software that has the potential to democratize 3D image manipulation the same way that software has already democratized 2D image manipulation.

Today, anybody can alter anything about a photo with the click of the button and no real training. This demo seems to show that same type of ease in turning objects from a 2D picture into manipulatable 3D objects.

I don’t even have the vocabulary to really discuss that kind of stuff.

But I do know that such a capability could be coupled with the spreading accessibility of 3D printers to create a whole new world when it comes to our relationship with real objects.

And by whole new world, I mean whole new world.

Not sure what I mean by “real objects”, though.

Read more about it here on Wired.