Not Getting Hassled, Not Getting Hustled

I’ve read 3.7 bazillion articles over the past decade on scientists reading the brain to tell what its thinking, what its dreaming about, what its moods are, and, honestly, I still don’t know how good we are at it.

Well, according to this NetworkWorld article, we’re good enough to build an app based on it.

Called Good Times and created by Ruggero Scorcioni’s company Brainyno, the app monitors brainwaves through a headset and then routes incoming calls based on a person’s state of mind. Overwhelmed? Busy? In a general bad mood? Right to voice mail. Happy? Open to adventure? Call goes through.

As to the obvious hitches with this idea, here’s what the article says:

Not everyone is going to wear a headset, and Scorcioni hopes that wearable technology products like Google Glasses will be able to record and send brainwaves to smartphones. Other challenges exist too, such as correctly reading the brainwaves to determine mental states, but Scorcioni said the technology will get better over time.

Freaking Google Glass. I can’t post anything about mobile technology without it sneaking its way into the whole thing.