No More Naked Eyes

I’m not ready to call it inevitable, but it seems more and more likely that at some near point in the future, we’re all going to be wearing eyewear. Google Glass is the obvious example, but the Oculus Rift has been getting more and more buzz, and now we have castAR.

castAR is a recently funded Kickstarter campaign for a pair of glasses that projects interactive holograms for the wearer. Obviously, just like the Oculus Rift, the first application everybody’s talking about is games, and it mentions hologram chess from Star Wars, but the applications beyond that are unlimited. According to the Kickstarter page:

The frames of the glasses contain two micro-projectors—one for each eye. Each projector casts a perspective view of a stereoscopic 3D image onto the surface. Your eyes focus on this projected image at a very natural and comfortable viewing distance. A tiny camera in-between the projectors scans for infrared identification markers placed on the surface. The camera uses these markers to precisely track your head position and orientation in the physical world, enabling the software to accurately adjust how the holographic scene should appear to you.

And apparently, the glasses are lightweight. Just 100 grams, which they say is slightly heavier than a pair of sunglasses. Unfortunately, the glasses need peripherals to work: A wand-like joystick and a special mat for the reflective surface.

Still, the fact that these kinds of systems are getting a lot of press, as well as getting funded on Kickstarter (CastAR beat a 400K goal in just a few days), shows that people are excited by this.

I’m starting to regret my laser eye surgery.