NFC in Everything

Quick, what’s the first thing you thing of when you hear the acronym “NFC”?

Right. Mobile payments.

Of course, you only think “mobile payments,” you don’t actually use them. That technology application is still struggling for mass acceptance.

But that apparently hasn’t stopped NFC from moving on without it. Today on, they look at a wide range of products, from refrigerators to cars, that are NFC-enabled and were on display at the recent Consumer Electronics Show.

And it seems Sony is leading the way. From the article:

The company, which dubbed the technology “One Touch,” said during its press conference that it offers more NFC-enabled products than any other electronics maker in the world. Sony noted the technology would ease media transfer and streaming among phones,tablets, TVs, and audio devices by establishing a link between them just by touching the devices to one another.

“Customers are asking for easy, seamless ways to be able to access and transfer their personal content,” Brian Siegel, Sony vice president of marketing, told CNET at CES….”NFC and Sony’s One Touch, we believe, is the easiest solution ever brought to market.”

In a world on such an inexorable march toward the cloud, it will be interesting to see how NFC fits in for addressing this particular issue. Would you rather Dropbox your stuff or touch all your devices together?

As always, it’ll always come down to ease-of-use, price, and security. Or, more probably, just ease-of-use. I’m a pretty lazy guy.