We post one of these “death of TV” types of articles every once in a while on the Maark blog…partly because it’s fun to track the death and regeneration of an industry, partly it’s because this is an industry we have experience with…mostly, though, it’s because we all watch a lot of TV.

According to new statistics aggregated by Business Insider, people are continuing to jump ship from cable TV…cord cutters, everybody’s been calling them, which has the literal idea of severing the cable cord and the uncomfortable idea of severing the umbilical cord.

Here’s a sampling from the article:

Aside from a brief respite during the Olympics, there has been only negative ratings growth on broadcast and cable TV since September 2011…In all, about 5 million people ended their cable and broadband subs between the beginning of 2010 and the end of this year.

Obviously things are changing, and mobile technology, the Internet, and a more demanding consumer base are behind it. Well, that and the cable and media companies themselves who continue to raise costs and hobble convenience.

We might have ruined a lot for the next generations, but at least we’ll leave TV in a better place than we found it. Ha.

Photo credit: Photobunny, Flickr