Movies Gettin’ Around

All movie-goers (and industry representatives) are wondering it. What happens after 3D? Does it go away like it has in decades past? Does it linger around as a price upgrade that nobody really wants? Does another technology come along and up the stakes?

Well, if a South Korean theater has any say, it wants to accomplish that last bit, upping the stakes…stratospherically.

They call the new experience ScreenX, and it basically projects the movie in 270 degrees…on the screen in front of you and on the two walls beside you. Action takes place on all three screens (although not the entire time), and the movies have to be scripted and filmed specially for this format.

According to pieces on Slate and the Verge, filming for this format is extremely difficult and watching the movies can be discombobulating, but here’s where you throw in the “new technology” caveat.

However, as we’ve seen, if Hollywood sees a chance to charge a premium regardless of the quality of the experience, they’ll jump at it.

Mostly, this reminds me of the home entertainment systems in _Fahrenheit 451, _where each wall of a room was a massive television set, making for a surrounding, immersive, addictive experience.

You can see a bunch of ScreenX examples here.