Meet Our Future Selves

This Slate article is five months old, but I feel like we should be bringing it up on a weekly basis, as it seems not only relevant to our eventual future, but relevant to pretty much every technological advance that happens every day, from our smartphone software to our surgical implements.

It’s called Welcome to the Hybrid Age and it’s adapted from this book written by Ayesha Khanna and Parag Khanna. In it, they describe an imminent hybrid future, one where we don’t differentiate between “real-world” and “online” experience, one where robotics plays a role in everything from our education to our sex lives.

But the article isn’t a bunch of “what if’s”, it’s full of present, real-world examples that point in a definite, highly plausible direction:

The radically improved realism of immersive technological experience has propelled the purpose of our online life from social escapism to professional tool to parallel life to eventually two sides of the same coin. As the texture of the online aesthetic is becoming rich enough to rival the real one, which will we prefer? In hybrid reality, both are equally important.

The full essay, and probably the entire book, is worth a read. The essay isn’t very long at all, especially considering the complexity of its subject matter and diversity of its examples.

Photo Credit: oSINaReF, Flickr. Altered to fit horizontally.