Ludicrous Speed: France Achieves the Fastest Internet Speeds Ever

We might have hit a wall in the past few decades with how fast transportation can get, but it seems we’re still flogging our data with whips to make it mush. Recently, 400G per second was reached over an Internet connection between Paris and Lyons, France, in an endeavor between French companies Orange and Alcatel-Lucent. That’s the fastest Internet speed ever recorded.

According to the article:

A joint effort between French telecom company Orange and Alcatel Lucent has led to the fastest internet connection in the world, a 400 gigabyte/second connection, being set up between Paris and Lyon (450km or 275 miles). The connection, which uses Alcatel Lucent’s latest optical fiber technology, will consist of 44 wavelengths, and will be able to transfer 17.6 Terabits per second of traffic in total.

And the equipment used wasn’t just an experimental prototype. It’s apparently commercially available and called the 400G Photonic Service Engine.

Now if we can put that thing in a train or an airplane, we’d really be making progress.