Here are the top tech stories that were bandied about Maark inboxes this week:

1. Zynga, the social game company, is making further inroads into becoming a social gambling company. Farmville requests to suddenly tak one whole new meeting.

2. Tile is an iOS App that syncs with little plastic squares that you can attach to anything and then track. It’s like a shortcut to the Internet of Things…and a way for me to keep tabs on the tiny Roku remotes that I keep losing/replacing.

3. Apple is trying to buy the company that created the sensors behind Microsoft Kinect. Maybe they can do a better job than Microsoft of getting that awesome technology in more mainstream places than game consoles.

4. Google Databoard&m=1) is an attempt by Google (natch) to make it easier to find industry stats. I am so for this it’s shameful. Here’s hoping they can build a robust archive.

Photo credit: Ewen Roberts, Flickr