Let’s Never Touch Anything Ever Again

At some point, the trend of everything as a device and the trend toward spatial interfaces must meet. That’s just Euclidean geometry. Or Calvinism. I always mix those up.

Of course, creating applications in the wake of either of these trends is difficult enough, but doing them at the point where they coalesce seems extremely daunting.

Enter Greenhouse. Its creators tout it as a “creative coding toolkit” for developers to more easily design unified spatial interface experiences that can move across devices. From the website:

Greenhouse is the only SDK available that enables creative coders and engineers to rapidly prototype spatial interfaces: multi-screen, multi-user, multi-device interfaces with gestural and spatial interaction. Graphics and geometry systems enable pixels to fluidly move and to be accurately rendered across any screen, plus networking and multi-application frameworks, which allow multiple users, applications, and machines to seamlessly interact.

The above video also comes from their website and shows various users working across multiple devices without touching them, moving elements from one screen to the next like conductors or wizards. It’s pretty cool, although the actions still seem overly deliberate and tentative. But that’s just the state of an art that hasn’t yet met the legal definition of life.

All I know is that right now I’m sitting at an archaic desk at the risk of blood clots and a shortened lifespan, pounding away awkwardly at a keyboard with wrists riddled with carpal tunnel. So the idea is exciting to me.