Less Tower of Babel…More Babel Fish.

“The ‘internet of things’ has become a tower of Babel.” It’s a line we wish we’d of written, but the credit goes to David Pierce over at the Verge. He writes it in reference to new app-enabled televisions, which is a topic that’ll make us here at Maark stop playing Xbox on company time and sit up and listen.

We all know that television manufacturers are trying to make sets that do more things than just passively showing us whatever the Kardashian sisters are up to these days. We also know that they’re having trouble really getting products out there that consumers will adopt en masse. In the article, Pierce mentions recent announcements by various TV manufacturers about their sets’ ability to wirelessly send photos from mobile devices to their TV sets. According to Pierce, here’s the problem:

This is the landscape in 2012. More companies are creating more products in more categories, but each ecosystem is increasingly cordoned off from the others. Samsung’s TVs work only with Samsung tablets (or at least only Samsung apps); Android apps have to be entirely re-made and re-thought to come to Windows. For consumers, the only options are to buy completely into a single company’s ecosystem, or deal with a number of disparate products that can technically talk to each other, but turn their backs on one another due to corporate loyalties. The “internet of things” has become a tower of Babel.

Of course, you don’t expect a bunch of man-eating sharks in a tank to get together, even if that could mean more men to eat. As a result, here at Maark, we think the answer is integrators. Someone to create products that can bring together all these disparate experience and create a simple, seamless, harmonized experience for people. Something less Tower of Babel and more Babel Fish#Babel_fish).

Pierce seems to agree and points to Qualcomm as a company trying to do just that. It’s an interesting read to see what Qualcomm is up to, but more than that it gives us hope that more companies out there have that greater vision and are actively creating products to put all those man-eating sharks into harnesses so that we can water ski behind them into the future.

What do you think of that line, Mr. Pierce?