I Will Write this Post Again in Ten Years

It has become a long-hallowed writing tradition to write about how the written word is dead. Every decade it’s for a different reason. Every decade it’s an overreaction.

My turn.

Every device is getting smaller, which is great for the sake of convenience, but that means smaller buttons , whether physical or virtual, which means writing more than a few lines of text on that device is cumbersome and not worth the effort.

Everything’s going touchscreen, an amazing, intuitive interface for navigating and moving elements around. It’s a step forward in almost every way except text input, which is one of its lowest priorities.

Everything’s going multimedia, with pictures and videos being one of the predominant ways we communicate and consume content on the Internet.

Our correspondence is shortening to ludicrous levels. Twitter character limits, Facebook status updates, micro-blogging. We write as little as possible. And then we abbrvte even frthr.

Creating high-quality pictures and videos is becoming easier than writing an essay, thanks to software advances that have democratized those media, much like writing itself was democratized in the past.

Poor text.

All that’s left is for Dragon Naturally Speaking to come up with a program that transforms your spoken word into pictures and video.

As a writer, this entire post pains me.

Or, more accurately, as a borderline fogey, this entire post pains me.

I look forward to writing this post again in ten years.

Photo source: Crunchy69, Flickr