How Does Technology Make You Feel?

How does technology make you feel? Before you answer that, check out what Disney just unveiled…the technology to feel 3D objects on a 2D screen with your hands.

Apparently, by using mere vibrations (backed by years of research, hardware experiments, and highly complicated algorithms, of course), they can trick your brain into comprehending an actual object through your fingers–its texture, its shape, etc.

Here’s how one of the Disney brains explained it in a press release:

Our brain perceives the 3D bump on a surface mostly from information that it receives via skin stretching. Therefore, if we can artificially stretch skin on a finger as it slides on the touch screen, the brain will be fooled into thinking an actual physical bump is on a touch screen even though the touch surface is completely smooth.

I mean, we’ve talkd about the Holy Grail that is haptic technologies like this on the Maark blog before, but I’ve never seen it presented with such reality.

I guess there’s a thin line between entertainer and innovator.