Glossy Pages

Yesterday we discussed the surprising trend that ebook uptake was slowing way earlier than it should be, all things considered. Or a lot of things considered, I guess. In line with that topic, it’s interesting to note that in 2012, more print magazines were launched than in 2011 and fewer folded. That’s according to an article in Crain’s, which states:

In 2012, veteran publishers and novice entrepreneurs launched a total of 195 print titles, a healthy bump over the 181 that were launched in 2011. And only 74 titles folded this year, compared to 142 a year ago.

In addition, fewer digital magazines were launched in 2012: 32, compared to 58 in the previous year.

Magazines have a lot in common with books, so some of yesterday’s commentary here applies (direct interaction with the media, for instance), but they’re also completely different beasties. Magazines are canted toward image content, are disposable, and use advertising within the product as a means of income. So it would seem they would slough off the bounds of print and fit more comfortably into a digital environment, especially as screen technology advances.

Again, like the recent ebook data, this could be just a blip in a graph that continues strongly in the direction of digital media.

Or it could be the start of a long and complicated relationship between digital and print.

Photo Credit: Manoj Jacob, Flickr