Draw Partners

William Faulkner outlined the entire plot of his Pulitzer Prize-winning 1954 novel A Fable on the walls of his house, where it remains to this day. He just needed a bigger canvas than paper offered to plan out his ideas.

It’s a situation we often find ourselves in the digital age. For as much as digital offers in terms of efficiency and ease, sometimes that bezel around the screen is limiting.

Sometimes you just need to take away the digital veil and see what an image looks like on a piece of paper. And something you have to print out a bunch of paper and tape it to a wall and look at everything from a wider perspective. And sometimes you just need to get your hands dirty in a project, and the only way is with graphite stains on the sides of your fists.

Abode XD is trying to bring some of the physical back into creative endeavors (while still staying firmly and relevantly digital) with three new projects, a cloud-connected pen called Mighty, a digital ruler called Napoleon, and Context, which actually just sounds like a large touch board with custom software features for layout-intensive efforts. You can read about them here or watch the above-embedded video.

They sound really cool, and I’d like to see them in the hands of some (non-Adobe payroll) artists to show how practical they are to getting stuff done.

More than that, I’d like to see if they can help a miserable word-guy like me better able to draw ideas. It would save me thousands of words at a time.