So, what’s supercomputer Watson been up to since its impressive run on Jeopardy! back in 2011? Well, it made its mom proud and became a doctor.

Researchers have been feeding it all the latest oncology trial and journal information to create a diagnostic aid for human doctors who can’t keep up with all the new and changing data.

According to Wired:

Only around 20 percent of the knowledge that human doctors use when diagnosing patients and deciding on treatments relies on trial-based evidence. It would take at least 160 hours of reading a week just to keep up with new medical knowledge as it’s published, let alone consider its relevance or apply it practically.

However, Watson’s starting to look like less of aid and more of an oracle. Turns out, Watson’s better at some diagnoses, with a 90% accuracy rating for lunch cancer, compared to 50% accuracy for human doctors.

You know what the next headline’ll be, right?:

“Watson Better at Curing Cancer than Doctors.”

Or I guess, it’d be:

“IBM Creates Gameshow Supercomputer. Still No Cure for…Wait.”