Posted by Jason Ocker

Link: $99 Xbox: Microsoft’s killer move

So for $99 plus about $35-40/mo. you will get:

  • The best gaming console around with the Kinect
  • An Xbox Live Gold membership for the best social gaming network available
  • Xbox onDemand content
  • Netflix streaming
  • Hulu plus streaming
  • Amazon VOD streaming
  • Vudu HD streaming
  • HBO GO content (However for some inexplicable reason you still need a PayTV subscription to access this content. There are XFINITY and FiOS apps on the console as well though so no need for the set top box and its hideous interface.)
  • Both Vimeo and YouTube web content
  • Etc.

All for the same price as Apple TV, Google TV, Roku, etc. and for less than half the monthly cost of a cable subscription that gives you less than half the experience XBox delivers.

Microsoft should win the war for your Living Room with this move. We’ll see…