Augmented Reality to Altered Reality

Like everybody else, we’ve been simultaneously making fun of and lusting after Google Glasses. We love the concept, but doubt the execution in regards to design and functionality.

Well, the above video changed my mind.

Granted, this isn’t a Google Glasses video, nor is it connected to Google Glasses in any way, but being able to see something like this will make me buy a pair of augmented reality glasses whether they make me look like a fool and do nothing else practical. And if Google isn’t going enable me to see baby xenomorphs bursting through people’s chests on the way to work, then whatever company does will win this game.

Of course, at that point, it will be less augmented reality and more altered reality, and it reminds me uncomfortably of the part in Frank Baum’s book where everybody in Oz wears green-tinted glasses to fool themselves into thinking they live in an Emerald City. Again, though, if I can see xenomorph babies bursting through people’s chest on the way to work, I’m okay with the illusion.