Posted by Jason Ocker

Apps are Winning the War for Attention

Steve Rubel writing for AdAge talks about the three-front war that marketers now face - search, social, and mobile. And by mobile, he means apps. The article quotes Forrester CEO, George Colony, who said recently that the “web is dying” and about to be replaced by the “app internet.” I thought HTML5 was supposed to be the perfect answer to all of this - where the app is the web is the app is the Internet. I don’t know that anyone (especially in marketing), who wants their app to deliver a truly unique experience, really believes an HTML5 experience competes with a native experience. The Instagram example Steve uses is a poignant one and a good case in point - a startup that wanted to build momentum quickly didn’t need to worry about an app for every screen or about the web at all. They just needed to worry about creating a compelling experience for a specific set of users.

The app experience is where marketers should focus, but to fully leverage the mobile ecosystem it’s going to require yet another brand new set of skills. Connected applications are going to create opportunities far more compelling, immediate, and diverse than either social or search ever have. The mobile world is going to be more complicated than the web world, and it’s going to move incrementally faster. Marketers will need to own the instant where “what’s possible” crosses “what’s relevant.”