Amazonian Robots to Destroy Mom & Pop Stores

This article on Slate proves why Amazon is still the smartest company in retail. It recently stopped fighting the “man” who wants to tax us for impulsively buying books, dvd’s, and toy robots from the comfort of our home so that it can compete more directly on the local level.

Speaking of robots, by placing robot-run facilities closer to its customers that ship products with either same-day or next-day efficiency, Amazon is betting (pretty big) that with price being constant we’d rather not leave our house - if we can more lazily achieve near-instant gratification from home.

It still begs a question about products that don’t sell particularly well online. Does Amazon have a mobile technology trick up its sleeve that will allow us to walk into a retailer to see and feel the products we want, and yet still end up purchasing with same day shipping from Amazon?

Also worth a mention is that the Kiva robots that will operate these new Amazon facilities were conceived in Maark’s home state of MA by an MIT graduate. Lots of cool robot-things happening in The Bean thanks to MIT. I guess we’ll know who to thank when we all have British robot butlers…and who to blame when Skynet becomes self-aware.