A Day for Innovation

So, apparently, we have wifi today because radioastronomers in Australia were trying to find micro black holes sometime in the early 1990s. A bunch of guys treating the universe like a giant conch shell made it possible for me to do my Christmas shopping from my couch. It’s impossible to predict where world-changing ideas will come from. But we’re not talking about basic vs. applied research or pure vs. customer-driven research in this entry.

We’re just talking about ideas.

At Maark, we regularly have what we call “Innovation Day.” It’s where we push back from our desks to come together and concentrate on solving random problems, often not connected to any of the industries that we usually work in.

Innovation Day gives everybody involved a view of the entire Maark process from client intake to strategy to proposal to planning to deliverable, in a compressed manner…instead of just those parts of the process to which those individual employees are the most relevant.

But it’s also a way to see what we can come up with.

If ideas from past Innovation Days find themselves in client proposals or change the way we worked internally, that makes us happy. But even for ideas that we could never develop without a budget the size of the TSA’s, it’s still a valuable exercise. And I say that in the context of a company that needs to bill its hours.

You never know where a good idea will come from, but sometimes you have to make sure there’s a welcome mat out for any that happen to be wandering by.

And we never did find any micro black holes. Maybe next Innovation Day.