Reach Beyond the Bandwidth

Creating a transformative vision for Alcatel-Lucent’s product and sales teams as well as their customers.

Alcatel-Lucent, a well-known network equipment manufacturer, wanted to consolidate its broad portfolio of software products and services into a coherent business with a compelling vision pointing toward the company’s software-centric future.

We worked across executive stakeholder teams, as well as customer and analyst groups to create a clear and focused vision for Alcatel-Lucent’s divergent $2.5bn portfolio of software products and services.

We turned that vision into a multi-level story that could be told at the portfolio level, the solution level, and even the individual product level in order to accommodate each Alcatel-Lucent audience.

We shifted the conversation from one focused purely on the technical features of the portfolio to one focused on the end-user impact and the ensuing business benefits of Alcatel-Lucent innovation.

We clearly demonstrated the potential end user experience enabled by the portfolio in a series of User Experience designs and prototype applications

We continued that process of creating clear, concise and emotional stories that other business units throughout the company could tell to their customers.

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