Akamai Technologies

Seeing the Internet in a New Way

Reimagining how the Internet is visualized on every screen for Akamai Technologies.

Akamai offers a major cloud delivery network responsible for optimizing 30% of all web traffic. Its 127,000 servers convey 2 trillion web transactions a day.

Maark was tasked with helping them visualize a massive amount of real-time data on a customizable dashboard that would adapt to any screen.

We created a complex system that converts overwhelming amounts of data into striking, customizable visualizations.

We replaced legacy Flash-based architecture with a responsive HTML/CSS/JS application that scales from multiple screens in a Global Network Operations Center (GNOC) all the way down to a handheld mobile device.

We created the concept of a data visualization “deck” with customizable “cards” that could be easily created, sorted, and scaled across multiple screen sizes.

We created interactive charting components to better comprehend and record the forces driving Internet traffic and, more specifically, a customer’s online business.

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